Why reuse is key!


Every item we use or product we consume comes at a cost to our planet. Large amounts of natural resources and energy are consumed during production, and the waste associated with our consumption must somehow be absorbed.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE the three R’s, is a simple strategy that each of us can apply to limit the extent of our impact on our planet.

While recognition and awareness is important, direct action is by far the most effective. But traditional recycling is not enough. The reuse mission offers a more sustainable solution that everyone can be a part of.

REUSE! Because we can't recycle the planet!


Reusable gift bags 

Reusable gift bags

Reusable Wine bags

Reusable wine bags

Reuse in short:

  • Energy and resources are wasted whenever an item goes to landfill
  • Raw materials are a limited resource – we might not always be able to replace what we throw away
  • Less landfill means less pollution – and a cleaner, greener planet.
  • Waste costs!