Ways of working

Our ways of working

"Our mission statement"

We work hard everyday to create and design the best reusable bags in great partnerships with social enterprises. The aim is to support children to go to school and families to build their future. 

How does Bagmar work with sustainability?

Bagmar was started as a reaction of the conventional ways of doing business in the fashion industry with low-wages, mass consumption and profit maximizing as drivers. With Bagmar we want to make a reaction to all of this. Our absolute belief is that there must be a way of producing attractive products that will help drive reuse made by people that smile at work.

Now Bagmar is born and we hope that we will realize our belief. We are not perfect but we have started our journey in a low scale to be sure that everything we do has to do with fair treatment of people throughout the production cycle and products that can be reused again and again which is good for our planet and that helps fight many of the global goals for 2030 set by the UN.
Read more on: http://www.un.org/ sustainabledevelopment/

All products from BAGMAR are produced in Phnom Penh in Cambodia where one of the founder’s lives. Don't hesitate to drop Fredrik an email or a phone call if you are interested in how we work with our local producers in Cambodia or how we make sure that our products are made in both a good and a great way.

fredrik@bagmar.com or +85510925044

What makes Bagmar different to other brands?

Bagmar is a company that stands out from the crowd, independent, unconventional, going against the flow, breaking away from conventional waste society and lives for the word “REUSE”. All our products have been created by our own designers. And we only use left over fabrics from large textile producers in Cambodia. By using that approach we work hard everyday with doing the absolute best we can to produce quality products that are made in a great way!

How do you make a difference and how do you produce the bags?

The BAGMAR(:s) bags are produced in Cambodia where we use a handful small scale producers with good conditions for the workers and their families. We are very proud that we have managed to get a unique partnership with a social enterprise with the overall aim of supporting re-integration of families so they become actively involved in the development of their society. We are happy to support their everyday work that really makes a difference for families.

In order to have better control over the production we have weekly visits  to the
producers to ensure that our products are made in both a good and a great way.

For more details, don’t hesitate to contact:

fredrik@bagmar.com +85510925044