Our story

Our story

 - WHY -

Our idea is easy to understand. We work hard everyday to provide products that can make it simple for all of us to reuse. Use our tote bags instead of plastic bags in your everday life or our gift bags instead of traditional gift wrapping that becomes garbage in 10 seconds. Be the change and drive reuse.

 - WHAT - 

We create and design reusable gift bags and other bags. 

 - HOW -

We are not textile insiders and to be honest, we like to keep it that way. But you can trust that we are 100% dedicated to operate a responsible and modern business. As a result we only have production partners with fair production conditions.

Our bags are produced in Cambodia where we use a handful small scale producers with good conditions for the workers and their families. We are very proud that we have managed to get a unique partnership with a social enterprise with the overall aim of supporting re-integration of families so they become actively involved in the development of their society. We are happy to support their everyday work that really makes a difference for families.

 - TEAM -

Bagmar was founded by three friends from Stockholm Sweden with different backgrounds from sport, finance and hotel industry. We have worked together, traveled together and shared thousands of ideas.

Now Bagmar is born and we strive to produce products, with minimal impact on our planet and that will help drive reuse made by people that smile at work. We hope that you want to join us in making that happen!

We will probably never be perfect, but you can rest assured that we are always trying. Join our journey and follow us on Instagram & Facebook.


Sara, Sofie and Fredrik