We like it slow and fair!

We like it slow and fair!

We are proud to work together with “Friends International Cambodia”.  A leading social enterprise saving lives and building futures of the most marginalized children and youth, their families and their communities across the world.

By working together, we contribute to their admirable work for marginalized families. Our products are made in their sewing workshop were they also train young students to make clothing and handicrafts from all kind of fabrics and material.

What Friends International Cambodia did för the local community 2017

  • Helped 6 000 children to attend school.
  • 1 400 youth trained and supported to find employment.
  • 7 700 parents supported to better care for their children.  

We feel proud

It is hard to put into words but every time we place a production order or visit the workshop we really feel super proud and honoured to be able to support and help. 

Your purchase makes a difference

Every time you make a purchase of one of our products you support the amazing stuff that Friends International does through their training centers and their social projects. Unlike providers of fast fashion with profit maximizing and pleasing of shareholders as drivers we can be 100% transparent and confident in saying that our products doesn’t only help you stand out and look great but most importantly we provide you with a product that make real change in people’s life.

Left over fabrics

All our products are made from left over fabric from large factories. Fabric, that otherwise would have been waste. Wouldn’t it be easier to just produce the traditional way one may ask. The answer is simple. Yes. But unlike traditional companies we have a strong belief that there must be a way to run a business in a fair way and to contribute back to the society where we operate.

It has not been the easiest ride but you can be 100% sure that we never cut any corners to reach our goals.

So enjoy our products and be proud - because you make a difference!